Because ARR reporting is a f***ing nightmare

We'll stand up an investor-grade ARR build, cohorts, and dashboard with your Stripe data. In a single week.

“Equals has been super useful for segmenting our business and building cohort analyses with Stripe data. In just a few clicks, I have all that information at my fingertips.”
Ibrahim Cisse
VP, Finance

We'll make your ARR reporting

  • We've done this many times before

    Our team has stood up ARR reporting at Intercom and Atlassian, to name a few.

  • We know the thorny edge cases

    Working with businesses of all shapes and sizes means we know what to look out for.

  • We have a solution that scales

    We'll prevent everything breaking as you grow and make changes to your business.

How we help you take control of ARR


We connect directly to your Stripe data

Our Fivetran-powered connector makes it easy to query your Stripe data securely–with or without SQL.


We define and apply your business logic

We know the questions to ask in order to transform your raw Stripe data into a usuable view for reporting.


We create a custom ARR Build for you

We'll build the model, write the formulas, and schedule queries to produce a working ARR Build you can trust.


We build your cohorts, reports, and dashboards

Equals is the only spreadsheet with a built-in SQL Editor and Visual Builder to query your data–whereever it lives.

Ibrahim Cisse
VP, Finance

It sounds too good to be true.
But it isn't.

  • Connected to your Stripe data

  • Beautiful BI-grade dashboards

  • Built on your business logic

  • Super responsive support

  • A full-featured spreadsheet

  • Sensible and fair pricing

Equals Experts

We've been there.
And done that.

We have decades of collective of experience standing up ARR reporting at Intercom, Stripe, Box, and Atlassian. If you're up for it, we are too.

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Let's take the AARRR!! out of ARR reporting