Sales funnel reporting

Sales funnel reporting

A complete picture of sales. Past, present, and future.

Because out-of-the-box doesn't cut it. Equals gives you a holistic view of your sales funnel — from historical snapshots to future forecasts.

“Equals allows us to blend our sales goals with Salesforce data to provide an up-to-date picture of our progress against targets.”

Manaan Alexander
Operations Lead, Command Bar

Quotas can't flex but your reporting should


Create dashboards, conduct analysis, and build forecasts all in one place.


Query your source of truth in Salesforce or Hubspot. No CSV exports or downloads required.


View your funnel your way — from past performance to current progress and future outcomes.


If your team can use a spreadsheet, they'll know how to share and interact with your reports in Equals.

Your sales funnel, fully loaded

It's time to tap into your source of truth