The Equals love is real

“Very neat!”

Patrick Collison
CEO, Stripe

“I can finally automate reporting across any data source with the precision and flexibility that I could previously only get from Excel.”

Jessiah Straw
Associate VP, Merit Holdings

“The utility we get every day from Equals is invaluable, I can’t even put a number on it.”

Noah Kotlove
CEO, Berry Street

“I was downloading from 16 different places to power our metrics. On Equals, our reports automatically refresh and new info is just a click away.”

Sarah Smith
Director of Operations, BoomPop

“The best part is that I don’t need to hire a Salesforce specialist or buy a fancy BI tool to get mission critical information. Everything in Equals is easy to set up.”

David Bromberg
Founder, Lantern

“so many critical decisions stem from analyses that live on spreadsheets. the $$$ associated with these decisions are mind-boggling, so imagine the value of the underlying tool. @heyequals is finally modernizing the spreadsheet to help teams make faster and better decisions.”

Ray Ko
Ex-Director of Analytics, Facebook

“There’s something magical about not having to learn anything about a tool and getting exactly what you want out of it.”

Mohammed Alrujayi
CEO, Cycls

“It really feels like Equals is one of those before/after moments for spreadsheets: *of course* they should be perpetually connected to live data, *of course* any analysis/queries should be held in version control.”

Des Traynor
Co-founder, Intercom

“I’ve recently had the pleasure of onboarding Equals here at Uniqode. I’ve been super impressed with the product, performance, and team. I couldn’t have asked for a better product and team to help speed up models ranging from ARR models to propensity-to-buy models and more.”

Chase Wright
Head of Finance, Uniqode

“This product is a godsend for analysts. I'm shocked that no one else has built it and that I found it.”

Veronica Edwards
Sr. Data Analyst, Polygence

“Equals is what Excel would be if it were built today.”

David Sacks
GP, Craft Ventures

“We burned a lot of time with other data BI platforms. Equals helps us move the business forward faster”

Max Smouha
CTO, Mayple

“The Equals team didn't just set up our reporting; they took the time to tailor our analytics based on our business needs.”

Dean Zimberg
CEO & Founder, Perry

“With live data connectors, spreadsheets, and dashboards, Equals handles all our custom database reporting – from start to finish.”

Jean-Michel Lemieux
Former CTO, Shopify

“ = simply, sql + sheets. one of the few data tools I've been excited about post Wagon.”

Jeff Weinstein
Product, Stripe

“I think Equals is the fastest I've ever moved from “oh that's interesting” to “take my money.”

Here's the pitch:

It's fully featured Excel (down to the UX, macros, pivots, all keyboard shortcuts) in the cloud and multiplayer.

And you can connect it directly to any data source.”

Austen Allred
CEO, Bloom Tech

“First there was Excel, then there was Sheets, now there's Equals.”

Eoghan McCabe
CEO, Intercom

“What used to be done by three people can now be accomplished by one. It’s that simple.”

Joaquin Ruales
Head of Growth, Rintin