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Osano makes faster decisions in Equals

Jonathan Grant
CFO, Osano

Discovering the opportunity

Osano is a leading data privacy platform that simplifies privacy compliance by helping organizations build, manage, and scale their privacy programs. In the same way that Osano makes it easy for your company to do the right thing security-wise, Equals makes it easy for the team at Osano to make the right business choices.

Building out cohort reports, diving into funnel analytics, and forecasting based on live data is critical for the team at Osano, but their CRM dashboarding interface wasn’t cutting it. Prior to Equals, Jonathan was maintaining a massive spreadsheet that aggregated all of this data from HubSpot in order to produce valuable insights.

“When I heard about Equals it was really a no-brainer. Automated connections into a spreadsheet just makes sense. It was super simple to connect HubSpot into Equals, I didn’t have to worry about writing SQL queries, and in just a few clicks I was able to set up my reports to refresh on a scheduled basis. Another nice element to have is that all past versions of my data are just a click away, so I can always see the output of any changes I make to my reporting based on the information I had in the past.”

Implementing changes

On Equals, one of Osano’s most critical reports runs on a daily basis and models how historical performance feeds into existing pipeline to predict next month’s top of funnel generation and closed won deals. This data is pushed into a Slack channel shared with the marketing and sales teams at Osano, so that everyone has a pulse on their critical metrics and alignment is shared throughout the company.

Favorite feature: “Calculated columns are a big one — our dates are all timestamp values so I just truncate them into a month value to make my spreadsheet formulas easy and this is perfect. I never have to deal with the headache of dragging down formulas or getting complicated with how I import my data.”

Unlocking growth

Jonathan reports that the team at Osano has used Equals to make faster and better choices. But don’t take our word for it. He says: “Not only do I like that Equals has removed the more tedious elements of maintaining models, like downloading data and massaging it, but the most important thing is the frequency change for looking at data. Giving everyone on the team visibility into the raw numbers and how things evolve over time has boosted alignment across the company and helped us collectively move towards better decisions.”