Report with Dashboards


Business intelligence,
but dead easy

Instantly turn spreadsheets into dashboards and auto-distribute up-to-date reports – all in a few clicks.

If only business intelligence were this intuitive

Create with ease

If you can create a spreadsheet, you can create a dashboard.

Update on the fly

Make changes with zero dependencies on data science or engineering.

Distribute automatically

Schedule reports to update and send to Slack or email — daily or weekly.

Use one tool, not three

Data connections, a full-featured spreadsheet, and dashboards — all-in-one.

Create a dashboard as quick as a doc

Put your reporting on autopilot

“The fact that the data syncs without having to touch anything is so nice. I just know that our CEO's not going to go in and see stale data.”

Manaan Alexander
Operations Lead, CommandBar

If you can spreadsheet, you can dashboard

Here are a few dashboards we prepared earlier.

Making business intelligence
dead easy for everyone

  • “Equals has already been a game changer for me. With dashboards, I can easily share insights across our entire team in a scaleable and automated way.”

    Jared Kaufman
    Chief of Staff, Pocus

  • “Dashboards take Equals to the next level! The visualisation tools have been super helpful in getting the entire company on the same page.”

    Bruno Haag
    VP of Product, Komi

  • “I love being able to set dashboards to update stakeholders, and not worrying about any changes being made to the analysis is a game changer.”

    Theo Blanchard
    Senior Finance Manager, Sunsave

  • “Pushing our dashboards into Slack has ensured that our data is always handy. Dashboards keep us aligned and working towards a common goal.”

    Evan Noll
    VP of Growth, BoomPop

  • “Equals solves 90% of the things that annoyed us about Excel and BI tools, while being incredibly intuitive. If you’ve ever used a spreadsheet you'll get value on day one.”

    Kyle Hubner
    Rev Ops, Thought Industries

  • “I can finally automate reporting across any data source with the precision and flexibility that I could previously only get from Excel – I wish I had this years ago!”

    Jessiah Straw
    AVP, Merit Holdings

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traditional BI today