Meet AI Assist

The first spreadsheet AI assistant

The most innovative startups are replacing Excel and Sheets with Equals

Generate formulas, write SQL, summarize data, and more

The first spreadsheet with AI

The first spreadsheet with AI

Full featured spreadsheet

Equals is a fully featured spreadsheet that you already know how to use.

Real-time collaboration

Collaboratively view and edit with your teammates in real-time.

100+ formulas

Quickly build models and analyses with a familiar formulas syntax.


Visualize your data with professional grade charting.

Data connectors

Automate your spreadsheets with connections to 10+ data sources.

Calculated columns

Auto-extend formulas while refreshing your models.

Alt-mode shortcuts

Equals has all the advanced keyboard shortcuts you're familiar with.

SQL editor

Write SQL in your spreadsheet with a table browser and auto-complete.

SQL query builder

If you don't know SQL — use our visual query builder instead.

Version history

Ensure your work is always reproducible with versioned queries and query runs.

Scheduled queries

Automate updates to your analyses with daily or weekly scheduled queries.

Saved queries

Build a library of your company's most important queries and import scripts.

Import scripts

Import from any API or internal tool with custom Python or Javascript code.


Build dashboards with the flexibility and familiarity of a spreadsheet.

Query builder joins

Build complex joins in our query builder, without SQL or VLOOKUPS.


Access any feature directly from your keyboard.

AI Assist

Generate formulas, write SQL, summarize data, and more.

“Our primary growth dashboard is built in Equals. With over 150 metrics, you really want a spreadsheet UI with data coming from various sources and models. We also need it to auto-update. Equals gives us that all in one place, makes sharing data with the team easy, and is super easy to set up and iterate on.”

Alex Bargmann
CEO at Pathpoint

The only spreadsheet with
built-in connections to any database, versioning, and collaboration.