Your new AI Assist(ant)

Wicked smart, out of your way but always ready to do what you say. Go from blank sheet to insight – just ask.

A next-generation Clippy for a next-generation spreadsheet

Wicked smart
Wicked smart

Powered by OpenAI's GPT-4 Turbo, AI Assist handles the toughest of asks. Fast.

Contextually aware
Contextually aware

Proactive error detection, one-click fixes, and suggested prompts–on-the-fly.

Always available
Always available

Your discreet helper, just a keystroke away (and never in your way).

Confidently confidential
Confidently confidential

SOC 2 Type II compliant and no training on your data.

Make SQL as simple as ABC

From formula-building to formula-fixing







From analysis to insight in seconds

Providing excellent assistance around the clock

The Equals AI Assist has been an insane life saver for me. It helps me create dashboards, pull reports using SQL, and create amazing visuals to help me both understand and tell a story with my data with ease. I couldn’t imagine my workflow without it!
Abhi Gadudasu
Ops Associate, BoomPop
AI Assist will generate the commands that you never knew and weren’t going to be able to work out yourself.
Co-Founder, Intercom
I love that AI Assist gives me the answers I need right in Equals and I don’t have to break focus.
Jason Zoltak
CEO + Co-Founder, Tofu
AI Assist gives me inspiration on complex queries and helps extract insights from the data that I might have missed otherwise.
Aaron Farr
Co-Founder, Airgoods

Your new AI Assist(ant) is ready and waiting


Currently, AI Assist is powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4 API.

Your data is still stored following our standard security practices.

Any information used to prompt AI Assist will be shared with our AI provider for the sole purpose of providing you with AI-generated responses. Rest assured, our AI providers can't use your data for training purposes and must delete your data within 48 hours of a request.

During the beta, we may analyze your AI Assist usage to improve and enhance its capabilities.

While AI Assist strives for accuracy, like any AI tool it's not infallible and can generate inaccurate or unexpected responses. The accuracy of the responses largely depends on the complexity of the query and your specific workbook context.

AI Assist is designed to provide a starting point for your analysis — it's a good practice to review and verify the outputs yourself. As we continue to refine and learn from the beta, we anticipate AI Assist’s accuracy will improve over time.

AI Assist is free to all Equals users while in beta.

AI Assist will only activate if you open it and enter a prompt. You are always in control.

AI Assist can be opened from the SQL editor or any cell, data range, or chart in your workbook. Simply hit Cmd+J (Mac) or Ctrl+J (Windows).