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Wicked smart, out of your way but always ready to do what you say. Go from blank sheet to insight – just ask.

A next-generation Clippy for a next-generation spreadsheet


Powered by GPT-4 Turbo, AI Assist handles the toughest of asks. Fast.


Proactive error detection, one-click fixes, and suggested prompts.


Your discreet helper, just a keystroke away (and never in your way).


SOC 2 Type II compliant and no training on your data.

Make SQL as simple as ABC

From formula-building to formula-fixing

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  • “AI Assist has been a life saver. It helps me create dashboards, write SQL, and create visuals. I couldn't imagine my workflow without it!”

    Abhi Gadudasu
    Ops Associate, BoomPop

  • “AI Assist will generate the commands that you never knew and weren't going to be able to work out yourself.”

    Des Traynor
    Co-founder, Intercom

  • “AI Assist gives me inspiration on complex queries and helps extract insights from the data that I might have missed otherwise.”

    Aaron Farr
    Co-foudner, Airgoods

  • “I love that AI Assist gives me the answers I need right in Equals and I don't have to break focus.”

    Jason Zoltak
    CEO & Co-founder, Tofu

Your new AI Assist(ant) is ready and waiting