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Don't go it alone. We're ready to bring together all your data and build the reporting you need as a SaaS business.

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“Equals Experts are unparalleled. They've transformed our reporting into a strategic asset that informs all our decision-making.”
Ibrahim Cisse
VP, Finance

What Equals Experts will do for you

Our team of analytics pros is on deck to help with custom implementation, model building, and reporting automation.

We connect all your data

Let us do the heavy lifting. We'll connect your data and write queries for you.

We build your models and analyses

From your ARR build to operating model, we'll architect analyses tailored to your business.

We automate your reporting

We build board-ready dashboards that distribute themselves. Put your reporting on autopilot.

Seasoned analytics pros. On tap.

Equals Experts know what it takes to scale businesses and build first-class models and reports from scratch.

Bobby Pinero


Head of Finance, Intercom


CEO & Co-founder, Equals

Sam Rasmussen


Stripe, Atlassian, Box


Analytics Architect, Equals

Chris Burgner


Dir. of Finance, Intercom


Head of Finance, Equals

The SaaS Starter Pack. Tailored to you.

Hit the ground running with the reports every SaaS company needs – built, automated, and maintained.

User Engagement
Sales Pipeline
User Engagement
Sales Pipeline
“Equals Experts helped us navigate our raw data and turn it into a goldmine of insights. Their hands-on approach, domain knowledge, and deep understanding of our business has significantly advanced our data maturity as a company.”

Bruno Haag

VP of Product, Komi

Go from square one to investor-ready

From revenue to retention, we'll build a source of truth for all the metrics you need to raise a round and run board meetings.

Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR)
Customer Renewal Rate
Retention Rate
Average Resolution Time
Gross Margin
Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR)
Customer Effort Score (CES)
Gross Merchandise Value (GMV)
Time to Value (TTV)
Annual Contract Value (ACV)
Net New MRR
Total Contract Value (TCV)
Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs)
Total Addressable Market (TAM)
Gross Retention Rate
CAC Payback Period
Net Promoter Score (NPS)
Daily Active Users (DAU)
Paid Traffic
First Contact Resolution Rate
Burn Rate
User Churn by Feature
Product Stickiness
Support Staff Utilization
Product Usage Frequency
Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)
Self-service Content Usage
Customer Health Score
Organic Traffic
Lead-to-Customer Conversion Rate
Feature Adoption Rate
User Retention Curve
Operating Margin
Support Ticket Volume
Cost per Lead (CPL)
Session Duration
Cohort Analysis
Upsell/Cross-sell Revenue
Cash Runway
Net Retention Rate (NRR)
Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
Landing Page Conversion Rate
Expansion MRR
Channel Attribution
Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)
Days to Onboard
Ticket Backlog
Churn Rate
Average Order Value (AOV)
Revenue Churn
User Engagement Rate
Monthly Active Users (MAU)
Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs)
Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)
Revenue Growth Rate
First Response Time
Average Revenue Per User (ARPU)
Active Users (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
“The Equals Experts team didn't just set up our reporting; they took the time to tailor our analytics based on our business needs and equipped every team member with the ability to make better, faster decisions.”

Dean Zimberg

CEO & Co-founder, Perry

Equals Experts are ready and waiting for you

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  • Equals Experts are available with subscriptions to our Better plan. We tailor pricing to each company as everyone's needs are different. Talk to us so we can find a solution that works for you.

  • No. Equals Experts provide additive value to the product support all customers receive from our team (e.g. product setup and troubleshooting).

  • We have decades of collective experience building across different business models (B2B/B2C) and functional teams (Finance, Sales, Marketing, and Product Analytics) at companies including Atlassian, Stripe, Box, and Intercom.

  • We've partnered with many early-stage startups and established businesses with thousands of employees. Whatever stage you're at, our goal is to help you make every decision a better decision – with your data.

  • We start by understanding what you're trying to achieve and, specifically, what you'd like to build. This includes looking at your data and any existing models and reports you have.

    Then, over the course of ~4-6 weeks, we'll partner with you to build a tailored solution with Equals.

  • That's OK! You don't need to be an Equals customer to start the conversation. We'll help you understand whether Equals is the right fit for your needs and go from there.

    If you already use Equals and want to take your reporting to the next level then that works too.