Build the next spreadsheet

Equals is the only spreadsheet with built-in connections to any database, versioning, and collaboration. Perfect for everything from quick ad-hoc analyses to complex recurring reporting. Over the last decade countless new data tools have emerged yet none are as powerful, flexible, intuitive, and easy-to-use as a spreadsheet. Invariably, we all always end up back in spreadsheets. Instead of trying to take us out of the spreadsheet, we believe it's time for a modern one.

Most of us have been building software and companies for 10+ years and we are backed by the best innovators and investors in Silicon Valley. There's lots of exciting and challenging work to be done across many functions.

We look forward to hearing from you.

“Equals has helped us automate our weekly reporting which previously took hours of manual, tedious work for my team. We're now redefining our reporting workflows using Equals to allow us to get insights and get to decisions way faster. Absolute game changer.”

Barry O'Mahony
Co-Founder at Umba