It's about damn time

We all understand the power and value of data. Yet, amongst the explosion of new tools to help us make sense of it all, we invariably end up back in a spreadsheet. BI tools are inherently complex and one-size-fits-all solutions simply don't cut it.

Why? The spreadsheet is the only tool that gives you the flexibility to match the specifics of your business. There's really nothing like it — a canvas on which you can play, move, touch, and feel data while building compounding, sophisticated analyses and reports.

Yet, starting analyses in Excel and Sheets is painful. Your data always comes from somewhere else, you have to export it to a CSV, import it into your spreadsheet, and hope you didn't miss anything. And then keeping it up-to-date is the original pain times ten.

At Equals, we're building a next-generation spreadsheet that works just like those that came before but is fit for this era of work. It's directly connected to your data and is as unconstrained and flexible as a spreadsheet. It's paired with BI-grade dashboards that are as quick and easy to create as a doc.

— Team Equals

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