A full-featured spreadsheet.
And so much more.

Equals has the features you expect from a spreadsheet.
And the user experience you've always wanted in a BI tool. Killer.


Instantly turn spreadsheets into dashboards and auto-distribute up-to-date reports – all in a few clicks.


Instantly turn spreadsheets into dashboards with charts, cells, tables, and AI summaries.

AI Summaries

Auto-generate text summaries of charts and tables with AI Assist.

Post to Slack

Post a snapshot of your dashboard to Slack channels–weekly, daily or hourly.

Send to Email

Auto-distribute the latest view of your dashboard to a specific email address on a defined schedule.

Dashboard Permissions

Control who has view and edit access to your workbook or just your dashboard.

Anonymous Access

Enable anyone with the link to view your dashboard without needing to log in.


Equals connects directly to your databases, data warehouses and popular cloud apps. Connect today and query away.


Connect directly to PostgreSQL, Snowflake, Stripe, QuickBooks, and more than 20 other sources.

Datasource Permissions

Control who can create connections to and query your datasources.

SQL Editor

Write and modify queries directly from your workbooks with a table browser and auto-complete.

Query Builder

Build simple or complex queries without needing to know SQL.

Query Joins

Pull and join data from multiple datasources, like Snowflake and Stripe, in a single query.

Import Scripts

Import from any API or internal tool with custom Python or Javascript code.

Scheduled Queries

Automate updates to your analyses with daily, weekly, or hourly scheduled queries.

Saved Queries

Build a library of your most important queries and import scripts.

Query Versioning

Ensure your work is always reproducible with versioned queries and query runs.

Data Notes

Add notes to queried data that persists in the correct row with every query run.

Data Overrides

Make edits to the output of a query that persists the next time the query is run.


Transform, calculate, and chart live data with all the fundamentals of a spreadsheet. And some truly magical superpowers.

Excel-based Formulas

Use familiar Excel formulas to aggregate and transform data.

Pivot Tables

Dynamically summarize data without using formulas.


Visualize data using 10+ chart types, including Line, Area, Scatter, Column, Bar, and Pie charts.

Excel-based Shortcuts

Access common keyboard shortcuts, including the full set of Excel’s alt mode shortcuts.


Set tables and charts to dynamically expand with new data after each query run.

Calculated Columns

Enter a formula next to raw data to create a column that expands and contracts with each query run.

Formula Editor

Debug and edit spreadsheet formulas in a roomy, code-like canvas.


Access any command and AI Assist with a single shortcut.

Multiplayer Collaboration

Work together in real-time with any Editor in your workspace.


Add, reply, react to, and resolve comments on any cell or chart.

Access Controls

Set permissions to determine users’ level of access to your workbook or workspace.

AI Assist

Tap in to the power of AI from your spreadsheet. From blank sheet to insight — all you have to do is ask.


Generate formulas and queries tailored to the context of your workbook and datasources.


Apply fixes for broken formulas and queries.


Generate a breakdown of how a formula or query works, and derive takeaways from charts.


Customize charts with natural language prompts.

Generate Dashboard

Create a dashboard that auto-organizes and summarizes analyses in your spreadsheet.