A modern SQL editor in a spreadsheet

Write SQL in the comfort of a spreadsheet. Save, share, and schedule queries for tighter team workflows.

Watch Marta query a SQL database in 3 mins

The most innovative startups are replacing Excel and Sheets with Equals

The SQL editor is by far my favorite part of Equals. There's nothing out there quite like this. With the flexibility of SQL and spreadsheets, you can get as granular as you'd like with the data. No other tool has let us build a reporting system this customizable.

Giancarlo Masera
Growth Analyst at Levity

My favorite feature? Without a doubt it's direct SQL access in a spreadsheet canvas. I can use SQL when that's easier, and a spreadsheet function when that's easier, and get the upside from both worlds. The query performance is rock solid.

Mike Johns
VP of Product at MxU

I was spending a lot of time repurposing queries and hunting down how I wrote certain definitions in the past. With the Equals' SQL version control, I can iterate and perfect my queries without the fear of losing them.

Mike Rondinaro
Co-Founder at Parkday


All the basics

Everything you'd expect from a SQL editor — from table exploration to auto-complete.


Flexible and familiar

Mix spreadsheet formulas and SQL, and pull data in a way that's familiar to you. Once you have your data, immediately start your analysis.


Built for teams

Analyze data as a team. Save, share, and schedule queries, with versioning built-in.

“Equals is our single source of truth. Every analysis is powered directly from our database, enabling me to confidently build reports for our investors and leadership team. The combination of SQL and a spreadsheet is the flexibility I need to answer business critical questions. I really don't want any other tool.”

Giancarlo Masera
Growth Analyst at Levity

The only spreadsheet with
built-in connections to any database, versioning, and collaboration.