A spreadsheet where your data is only a query away

Equals connects directly to your databases, data warehouses and popular cloud apps. Connect today and query away.

Your data in your spreadsheet. Whenever and however you want it.

Directly connected

No more downloading CSVs or copying and pasting queries. Happy days.

SQL friendly

Write queries in SQL or use the visual query builder–inside your spreadsheet.

Automatically foolproof

Set queries to run on a fixed schedule and restore previous runs, if needed, in a click.

Seriously secure

SOC 2 Type II certification, encrypted credentials, and access controls.

If there’s data in it, you can connect to it

Equals is the only spreadsheet to connect directly to your databases, data warehouses, and cloud apps.

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If it’s connected, you can query it

Write and modify queries directly from your workbooks with a table browser and auto-complete.
If you can point and click, then you can query data in Equals. It's that easy.
Build complex joins in the query builder. No SQL or VLOOKUPS are necessary.
AI Assist is ready and waiting to write, explain, and debug queries 24/7. Just hit Cmd+J and ask away.

If you can query it, you can automate it

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SQL Editor
Scheduled Queries

Always have the latest data

Automatically pull in fresh data weekly, daily, or hourly–it’s up to you.

Queried Versioning

Always answer why ‘X’ changed to ‘Y’

Every query run is versioned, so you can restore an earlier version if needed.

Version History
Verified Queries

Always use the right query

Create a shared library of your most important queries and import scripts.

Verified Query
Now when we need something refreshed, we don’t have to check in 6 different places, it’s already done.
Alex Bargmann
CEO, Pathpoint

Keeping your data safe and secure

SOC 2 Type II Compliant

We have the necessary controls in place to securely process and manage our customers' data.


Encrypted credentials

All sensitive credentials are stored encrypted in the database with a key only accessible to necessary production servers.


Restrict datasource access

Control which teammates can access and edit your connected datasources.

Perfect scores

Companies big and small trust Equals to connect to, query, and analyze their data. Did someone say 10 out of 10?

Kyle Hubner
Senior Analyst,
Thought Industries

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