Join within or across datasources. No SQL.

Build complex joins in our query builder, without SQL or VLOOKUPS. Then analyze in our full-featured spreadsheet.

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The most innovative startups are replacing Excel and Sheets with Equals

Getting to data is super simple using joins in Equals. Now I can pull together any report from our database using the no code functionality. No need to bother our data team. Not only are we all saving time, I can run exploratory analyses that I never would have done before.”

Billy Mahony
Business Operations at Teamwork


Self serve without SQL

Query multiple tables at once without needing to write SQL — or having to ask your team for help.


Simplify your workbooks

Ditch complex VLOOKUPS and pull from multiple tables or datasources in a single query.


Join across datasources

The most important insights are at the intersection of data sources. Get to them faster and more frequently.

“Equals is our single source of truth. Every analysis is powered directly from our database, enabling me to confidently build reports for our investors and leadership team. The combination of SQL and a spreadsheet is the flexibility I need to answer business critical questions. I really don't want any other tool.”

Giancarlo Masera
Growth Analyst at Levity

The only spreadsheet with
built-in connections to any database, versioning, and collaboration.