Command-K by Equals

The fastest way to build a spreadsheet. No more hunting through the toolbar. Type your command, press enter.

Keyboard with keys Command and K highlighted

Equals is the only spreadsheet with built-in connections to any database, versioning, and collaboration. It's the fastest way for startups to do any analysis.

Today we're introducing a new way to work with spreadsheets. A staple of modern software, typing Command+K in Equals allows you to access any feature, instantly, directly from your keyboard.

No more hunting through toolbars, no more mouse, and no more shortcuts to memorize. And with GPT-4 powered Smartfill, no more searching for formulas. Once you use Command+K, you realize this is how you should be working with spreadsheets.

We hope you like it as much as we do.


Instant command

Spreadsheets are complex, with lots of deep functionality. Now you can do everything from one place, just by typing its name.


Smartfill with GPT-4

Using GPT-4, we can generate any formula you need, in the context of your workbook. Select a cell. Have Smartfill do the rest.


Formula debugger

Use Explain to see a breakdown of your formula, what each subexpression evaluates to, and find out what's wrong in seconds.

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