Business intelligence, but dead easy

Instantly turn spreadsheets into dashboards and auto-distribute up-to-date reports – all in a few clicks.

If only business intelligence were this

intuitive flexible shareable affordable

A full-featured spreadsheet with live data on-tap

Equals is the only spreadsheet with a built-in SQL Editor and Visual Builder to query your databases and 25+ SaaS tools.
Don't waste time learning another tool. Equals works just like Excel and Sheets — you already know how to use it.
Line, combo, scatter, area, stacked area, column, stacked column, bar, stacked bar – heck, even pie charts.
Between auto-expand and scheduled queries, you won’t know what to do with all your newfound spare time.

Create a dashboard as quick as a doc

Schedule, compile, and deliver reports on the dot

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Equals is what Excel would be if it were built today.
David Sacks
General Partner, Craft Ventures

If you can spreadsheet, now you can dashboard

Here are a few dashboards we prepared earlier.

Marketing Funnel
Business Daily Pulse
Customer Retention
Sales Pipeline
Cash Burn
Marketing Funnel
Business Daily Pulse
Customer Retention
Sales Pipeline
Cash Burn

Making business intelligence
dead easy for everyone

Equals has already been a game changer for me. With dashboards, I can easily share insights across our entire team in a scaleable and automated way.
Jared Kaufman
Business Operations, Pocus
Dashboards take Equals to the next level! The visualisation tools have been super helpful in getting the entire company on the same page.
Bruno Haag
VP Product, Komi
I love being able to set dashboards to update stakeholders, and not worrying about any changes being made to the analysis is a game changer.
Theo Blanchard
Senior Finance Manager, Sunsave
Pushing our dashboards into Slack has ensured that our data is always handy. Dashboards keep us aligned and working towards a common goal.
Evan Noll
VP of Growth, BoomPop
Equals solves 90% of the things that annoyed us about Excel and BI tools, while being incredibly intuitive. If you’ve ever used a spreadsheet you'll get value on day one.
Kyle Hubner
Senior Revenue Operations Analyst,
Thought Industries
I can finally automate reporting across any data source with the precision and flexibility that I could previously only get from Excel – I wish I had this years ago!
Jessiah Straw
Associate Vice President, Merit Holdings

Say goodbye to traditional BI today