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CommandBar ramps up sales performance on Equals

Manaan Alexander
Operations Lead, CommandBar

Discovering the opportunity

CommandBar is a SaaS company specializing in AI-powered user assistance tools that make user experiences smoother, from spotlight search to personalized product tours and a flagship Copilot-as-a-service offering.

But, when it came to the team’s data and reporting, things weren't as smooth. The CommandBar team relied on internal reporting within Salesforce and Stripe, meaning that they were not able to get a holistic, over-time view of the health of the business or blend in additional data inputs, such as sales goals, to monitor performance.

As the business grew, the problem became more urgent. "We're at the size where things are changing fast enough for us to need to know how things are pacing week over week," shares Manaan Alexander, Operations Lead. "The cost of doing that reporting manually and being wrong is really high. There are fundamental questions that companies should be able to answer about the business, that we weren't able to answer. That became a huge priority for us."

Implementing changes

With Equals, CommandBar was quickly able to aggregate live data from all their primary data sources, including Stripe for transaction data and Salesforce for all go-to-market activity.

"Equals transformed the way we interact with our data," Manaan explains. "It allowed us to blend our internal goals with Salesforce data, and helped us provide a clear, up-to-date picture of our progress against targets."

Now, CommandBar is leveraging that data to provide end-to-end visibility over CommandBar's revenue operations for the first time:

  • RevOps Reporting: CommandBar created a live view of their sales funnel within Salesforce, tracking conversions from initial contact to closed deal to expansion and churn.
  • Sales Goal Tracking: CommandBar leveraged Equals to blend their internal sales goals with Salesforce data, enabling the team to monitor progress and gauge the impact of GTM changes.
  • Slack Engagement: By connecting to queryable CSV files from Equals, the RevOps team can now monitor Slack chats to ensure that every lead and customer is proactively supported.

Unlocking growth

The biggest impact of Equals? With automatic reporting updates, the team is now empowered to take immediate action based on reliable, up-to-date data. "I know our CEO is not going to go in and see stale data in our reporting," attests Manaan. "It's already run and it's fresh, and we know we can get exactly the answer to the question we are looking for at any time. It's so obvious that the leverage is there."

On the RevOps side, "Equals has helped us centralize the conversation about the health of our Sales org for the leadership team," says Go-to-Market Lead Joe Skupinsky. "We can now pinpoint where the weak points to invest in are. We can summarize our conversion rates monthly and quarterly which helps us dissect if our processes are driving systematic successes or failures."

With its core revenue operations dashboards established, CommandBar is now on the path to a "set it and forget it" approach to all their reporting. "We're focused now on improving the quality of all the data we capture, because we know we'll be able to leverage it externally in Equals." Manaan notes.

With Equals, CommandBar isn't just automating their reporting – they're taking command over their business, one dashboard at a time.