Rintin is 3x more productive in Equals

Getting all of our data in one place has been critical for us. Our entire operating system updates automatically and everyone has access to the insights, in real time. What used to be done by three people can now be accomplished by one. It’s that simple.

Joaquin Ruales

Head of Growth

Discovering the opportunity

Rintin is a B2B marketplace that connects mom & pop stores in Latin America directly with manufacturers, saving buyers time and money when restocking inventory. At the onset of the quarter, their biggest challenge was finding a reliable way to understand their best performing channels and personas. In the same way that Rintin finds quality clothing for their end users at the best price, Joaquin needed a tool that would consolidate their data without spending countless hours updating and maintaining analyses.

At the time, Rintin was using Google Sheets to visualize and measure their product activation metrics. This involved downloading information on a recurring basis from MySQL, HubSpot, and several CSV files provided by different logistics systems. “It was a truly laborious and messy process – our CSV files need to be reformatted to fit in with our analysis and someone would inevitably change a column, which would make all of our visualizations incomprehensible and break our reports. We’d have to go in and make sure that all of the fixes were applied correctly before we could even discuss the insights in our sheets.” When Joaquin read about Equals’ Series A led by Andressen Horowitz, he decided to make the switch.

Implementing changes

Initially, Joaquin transferred over Rintin’s P&L model into Equals and connected it to their data warehouse. Finding the product simple and efficient, Rintin now has all of their mission critical reporting in Equals. Because of the ease of CSV querying and the accessibility of the spreadsheet interface, they’ve been able to perform more exploratory work as well. “We’ve become a lot more refined in our segmentation – we’re diving deeper into user personas and how they interact across acquisition channels. Managing and extracting information from our data has never been easier.”

Favorite feature: “Connections. That’s an easy one. It’s what saves me the most time – plus it helps us define the data in the clearest way because all of our definitions are adjacent to the sheet, so if anyone has a doubt it’s all documented in one view.”

Unlocking growth

What started as a search for a more flexible tool evolved into one customizable source of truth for the team at Rintin. “As an early stage startup, you’re going to be using a ton of different solutions. You won’t always be able to have all of your data in one data warehouse. Even if you’re lucky enough to pipe everything into one place, finding an easy method of extracting this data is equally important. Otherwise, you don’t really understand what your business is working on and where there are opportunities: Equals is reliable, automated, and allows me to seamlessly share information cross-functionally.”

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