Levity centralizes all reporting on Equals

Equals is our single source of truth. Every analysis is powered directly from our database, enabling me to confidently build reports for our investors and leadership team. The combination of SQL and a spreadsheet is the flexibility I need to answer business critical questions. I really don’t want any other tool.

Giancarlo Masera

Growth Analyst

Discovering the opportunity

Levity enables companies to automate tedious tasks by leveraging artificial intelligence without writing a single line of code. Daily manual processes, like classifying email campaign responses or tagging product inventory, can now be automated. It’s an innovative product in a deeply technical space, which is why maintaining a close relationship with customers is critical to growing their business.

Levity was struggling to find a simple, automatic way for everyone on the team to understand which users were in need of an account manager’s personalized outreach at critical points in time. Every analysis on their previous system seemed to have a slightly different outcome and felt like a one-size-fits-none solution. Giancarlo would work with all kinds of reports and always find an issue with how the data was collected or with the results provided. The only numbers he could trust were those he wrote against their data warehouse.

Implementing changes

Moving to Equals was a major shift in Levity’s operational cadence. Giancarlo set up standardized activation reports by pulling directly from BigQuery and HubSpot in a single view. Because of the intuitiveness of the spreadsheet, the team at Levity now uses Equals as a learning center. It’s a place that houses an overview of each user’s specific attributes and where they are in the product funnel, accessible to all regardless of SQL experience. This made proactive outreach faster and more accurate: empowering the customer success team to answer technical questions about clients with just the push of a button.

Favorite feature: “The SQL editor is by far my favorite part of Equals. There’s nothing out there quite like this. Anyone can be an analyst on Equals. With the flexibility of SQL and spreadsheets, you can get as granular as you’d like with the data. No other tool has let us build a reporting system this customizable.”

Unlocking growth

Not only has Equals unlocked data visibility across the board for the team, Giancarlo finally feels confident about the data distributed to investors and executives at Levity. Business insights are now reliable, and more actionable than ever before. The team at Levity is in Equals daily, keeping a pulse on their top of funnel conversion rates, churn data, and more. Equals has also increased alignment across the company: making it possible for individuals to view how their accounts grow in real time, managers to evaluate where they’re spending their resources, and executives to better determine what to prioritize next. Levity recently announced their Seed – and said they’re ready to scale at a rate they’ve never experienced before. Now, they have a tool that will power their growth with killer precision.

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