BoomPop increases transparency in Equals

Getting the data we needed wasn’t easy because our engineers were overwhelmed with other priorities. I was downloading from 16 different places to power our metrics – it was very challenging: nobody knew if the data was updated or if there were errors. On Equals, our reports automatically refresh and new info is just a click away.

Sarah Smith

Senior Operations Manager

Discovering the opportunity

BoomPop is an all in one solution for event planning: from in person offsites to virtual gatherings, BoomPop has worked with clients like Netflix and Apple to create exceptional bonding experiences without the pain of negotiating with venues or managing endless details. With a surge in demand for events, the business team at BoomPop was constantly calling on the engineering team for more queries and analyses. Metrics kept getting backlogged since customer experience was prioritized over internal business reporting. This drove BoomPop’s CTO to look for a better way to share access to information across the company: something easy to set up and simple enough that anyone could navigate it. Enter Equals.

Implementing changes

In just a few minutes, Sarah and her team were able to get all of their PostgreSQL, Stripe, and data into Equals. She subsequently set up all of their daily views: allowing her to keep a keen eye on events that require outreach, monitor events that are missing payment, and identify the most popular destinations on the platform. Beyond routine reports, Sarah also set up KPIs and dashboards in Equals: visuals that previously would have been a cross-departmental project, likely warranting a spot on the product roadmap. In Equals, everyone on the business team has been able to self-serve because they feel comfortable working in a spreadsheet canvas with the newly accessible data.

Favorite feature: “Scheduled queries are my favorite thing ever. It has and will continue to alleviate so much manual effort. The fact that we can query all our various sources and do it automatically has saved so much time. I can also see when reports were updated and the exact commands powering the data, which has finally made me confident that we don’t have holes in our reporting system.”

Unlocking growth

In the same way that teams bond during an offsite, BoomPop’s business and technical teams have found harmony through Equals. The engineering team has the bandwidth to prioritize any augmentation to the data that the business team might want to add, and the business team has the power of running any ad hoc analysis they’d like without creating Git tickets and waiting on approval. At BoomPop, not only are standard reports being run, Equals has also allowed the team to get very specific in what they measure: for instance, they’ve implemented new quality control processes wherein they track various fields on their site to ensure no typos or discrepancies. Access to the most updated data, straight from the source, has changed the operating cadence across the board – allowing Sarah and her team to go from data to decision faster and more confidently. Recently promoted, we can’t wait to hear about the awesome insights Sarah gathers next. Boom!

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