Real business insight
happens in spreadsheets

Amongst an explosion of new data, dashboarding, and BI tools, we invariably end up back in a spreadsheet. Spreadsheets are the only tool that give you the flexibility to match the specifics of your business. There's really nothing like it — a canvas on which you can play, move, touch, and feel data, while building compounding, sophisticated programs and analyses.

Yet, starting analyses in Excel and Sheets is painful — your data necessarily comes from somewhere else, you have to export it to a CSV, import it into your spreadsheet, and hope you didn't miss anything. And then keeping it up-to-date is the original pain times ten.

At Equals we're building the connected spreadsheet: one that works just like those that came before but fit for this era of work. It's connected to your data (like a BI tool) but it is as unconstrained and flexible as a spreadsheet. This is the data tool we always wanted ourselves. We hope you'll check it out.

— Team Equals

Meet the team

Bobby Pinero
CEO and Co-founder

Ben McRedmond
CPO and Co-founder

Jamie Osler
Head of Engineering

William Collins
Founding Engineer

Martin Rariga
Founding Designer

Abbey Minondo
Business Operations

Vojtěch Udržal
Software Engineer

Mike Stewart
Software Engineer

Chris Burgner
Head of Finance & Analytics

Madeleine Revill
Software Engineer

Calvin Collins
Software Engineer

Ryan Fauver
Software Engineer

Ajay Nathan
Software Engineer

Matt Hodges
Head of Product Marketing

Jiayan Yu
Product Marketing Manager

Hayley Quint
Account Executive

Sam Rasmussen
Analytics Architect

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