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Query your CSV with SQL or our visual query builder. Share with your team. Update once to update everywhere.

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Everyone's really embraced Equals as our reporting system: our budget, growth, and company OKRs are all in Equals. By the end of the quarter I suspect every report we run will be in Equals. We've saved so much time and thousands of dollars by adopting this spreadsheet — it's really been huge for us.

Courtney Newcombe
VP of Finance at Zendoor

Finally, a product that feels like it was made for me. I know SQL, I know spreadsheets, and everything I do needs to happen fast. Now I can optimize our engineering efforts more efficiently and reliably than I could in any other legacy tool (or worse, several platforms stitched together).

Mike Johns
VP of Product at MxU


Query a CSV

Upload a CSV and query it from any workbook. Use SQL or our query builder.


Synced updates

Update a CSV in one place and it'll update everywhere it's used.


Team access

Share a CSV datasource to ensure everyone has access to the most recent version.

“Equals is our single source of truth. Every analysis is powered directly from our database, enabling me to confidently build reports for our investors and leadership team. The combination of SQL and a spreadsheet is the flexibility I need to answer business critical questions. I really don't want any other tool.”

Giancarlo Masera
Growth Analyst at Levity

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