Equals is the fastest I've ever moved from “oh that's interesting” to “take my money.”
Austen Allred
CEO, Bloom Tech
First there was Excel, then there was Sheets, now there's Equals.
Eoghan McCabe
CEO, Intercom
The utility we get every day from Equals is invaluable, I can’t even put
a number on it.
Noah Kotlove
CEO, Berry Street
The combination of SQL and a spreadsheet is the flexibility I need to answer business critical questions. I really don’t want any other tool.
Giancarlo Masera
Growth Analyst, Levity
Now, when we need something refreshed, we don't have to check 6 different places, it's already done.
Alex Bargmann
CEO, Pathpoint
We’re easily saving 5 hours a day. Getting the equivalent of half a person’s time back each week is huge.
Case White
Director of Client
Services & Implementation, surefoot
We burned a lot of time with other data BI platforms. Equals helps us move the business forward faster.
Max Smouha
CTO, Mayple
What used to be done by three people can now be accomplished by one. It’s that simple.
Joaquin Ruales
Head of Growth, Rintin
Everyone familiar with Excel can research questions by creating reports from raw data in seconds.
Matthäus Kerres
Co-Founder, Compa
There’s something magical about not having to learn anything about a tool and getting exactly what you want out of it.
Mohammed Alrujayi
CEO, Cycls
Our budget, growth, and company OKRs are all in Equals. We save 20 hours a week by using Equals and have saved thousands of dollars by adopting this spreadsheet – it’s really been huge for us
Courtney Newcombe
VP of Finance
and Strategy, Zendoor
Equals gives me instant insight into user activity so that I can A-B test at lightning speed. What was a highly manual process is now seconds.
Mike Rondinaro
Co-Founder, Parkday
The best part is that I don’t need to hire a Salesforce specialist or buy a fancy BI tool to get mission critical information. Everything in Equals is easy to set up.
David Bromberg
Founder, Lantern
I used to dread working on a Mac computer until I tried Equals. Equals has been a total game changer.
Kevin Kim
Accounting Manager, Notion
We went from looking at our top of funnel and pipeline health from a weekly cadence to creating a daily feedback loop. That kind of speed is invaluable.
Jonathan Grant
CFO, Osano
Live data has changed our reporting habits. That’s a pretty powerful shift in alignment. Being able to get reliable information and act instantly is irreplaceable.
John Maus
Co-Founder, Head of Finance
and Operations, Wheelhouse
I was downloading from 16 different places to power our metrics. On Equals, our reports automatically refresh and new info is just a click away.
Sarah Smith
Director of Operations, BoomPop
Finally, a product that feels like it was made for me. I know SQL, I know spreadsheets, and everything I do needs to happen fast.
Mike Johns
VP Product, MxU