Equals does what Excel doesn’t

Equals is purpose-built to connect to more than 30+ data sources to help you automatically report on and analyze live data from the comfort of a spreadsheet.

The most innovative startups are replacing Excel and Sheets with Equals


No code connectors

Connecting to data sources in Equals doesn’t require technical skills. Build any analysis whether or not you know SQL with Query Builder.


Assisted by AI

AI Assist in Equals can help you generate formulas, write SQL, summarize data, and more. You’ll be building any analysis 10x faster than before.


Zero learning curve

Don’t waste your time learning another data tool. Equals works just like Excel and Sheets—you already know how to use it.

What people are saying

Founders and operators love Equals.

Eoghan McCabe
Chairman, Intercom

First there was Excel, then there was Sheets, now there's Equals. New start-up by early @intercom team. So proud.

April, 2022

Patrick Collison
CEO, Stripe

Very neat!

April, 2022

Trevor Haynes
Senior Product Manager, Upwork

As an accountant, pulling data can be half the daily battle, while the remainder of your time is usually spent getting the data into shape for analysis. When that step is done, it’s time to rinse and repeat the painful process over and over again. With Equals, you can automate the most painful and time consuming parts and focus more of your time on the analysis.

June 2022

Tim Leonardo
CEO, Jetfuel

If you've ever had issues bridging the gap between your technical team using a databases/SQL and your non-technical teams using Excel Spreadsheets, you should check out @heyequals. We're a happy customer at @jetfuel_it 🤙

June, 2022

James Whelton
Founder, Conjure

Was lucky enough to get early access and use Equals. An insanely powerful and thoughtful product. The prospect of hours and days saved building reports, tools and ease of data exploration, sold me. Hats off to the team.

June 2022

Barry O'Mahony
Co-founder, Umba

Umba has been working with @bobbypinero and using @heyequals for the last few months and it's been a game changer for us. Can't wait for the world to see what they are building 🙌 🙌 🙌

April, 2022

Daniel Canton
VP Operations, Olivine

I just started using it, and I already love the integration with Quickbooks. What used to be a tedious double entry work now is automated and in sync, makes it so much easier!

June 2022

Jeff Weinstein
Product, Stripe

equals.app = simply, sql + sheets. one of the few data tools I've been excited about post Wagon.

April 2022

David Sacks
General Partner, Craft Ventures

What would Excel look like if it were built for today? It would be connected directly to data sources, instead of making you copy/paste. Excited to be leading the seed round for Equals, the cloud spreadsheet. Congrats @bobbypinero @heyequals!

July 2022

Kevin Hopkins
Co-founder, Zeta

Really a great product. We've been using it at Zeta for about a month and it's a gamechanger since we always end up back in a spreadsheet. We REALLY love how easy to use Equals is and the reliability of the data connections to our internal systems.

June 2022

Austen Allred
CEO, Bloom Tech

I think Equals is the fastest I've ever moved from “oh that's interesting” to “take my money.”

Here's the pitch:

It's fully featured Excel (down to the UX, macros, pivots, all keyboard shortcuts) in the cloud and multiplayer.

And you can connect it directly to any data source.

June 2022

Des Traynor
Co-founder, Intercom

It really feels like Equals is one of those before/after moments for spreadsheets: *of course* they should be perpetually connected to live data, *of course* any analysis/queries should be held in version control.

June 2022

Justin Berka
Head of Data, Nearside

I think about velocity from data → insights a lot as data teams get bigger and companies get more data-literate, and Equals does an incredible job of accelerating that cycle by making it easy to quickly create and update analyses. Plus, it has all the things data professionals love, including versioning and automation!

June 2022

Jonathan Grant
VP Finance, Osano

In the world of analysis, this is like the @warriors building their own basketball shoe. @heyequals knows what they are doing. Excited to see what they come up with next.

June, 2022

Thilo Huellmann
CTO, Levity

As an early user of Equals I can confirm that it provides one of the fastest ways from raw data in the data warehouse to exactly the insight you need, even if you don't know SQL. Excited for what's to come!

June 2022

Ray Ko
Ex-Director of Analytics, Facebook

so many critical decisions stem from analyses that live on spreadsheets. the $$$ associated with these decisions are mind-boggling, so imagine the value of the underlying tool. @heyequals is finally modernizing the spreadsheet to help teams make faster and better decisions.

June 2022

Jeff Wang
Finance & BizOps, Air

Finally a solution that lets me live in Excel AND has actual historical data in real time. Can't wait to build on Equals, congrats on the launch @bobbypinero and team!

June 2022

Anthony Yu
Marketer, The Athletic

Super excited for @bobbypinero's next-gen spreadsheet @heyequals!

We'll see a lot of Excel power users switching over in the near future

Full disclosure: I'm an Excel fanatic but my future kid(s) and the next-gen will be on @heyequals

June 2022

Andy Artz
Ex-VP Finance, OMGPop

This tool solves so much trauma and PTSD every analyst has ever faced trying to analyze live production data.

They should really market this as a longevity drug because if I had this back when I ran analytics & finance, it would have added back years to my life.

Bless you, team Equals.

June 2022

“Our primary growth dashboard is built in Equals. With over 150 metrics, you really want a spreadsheet UI with data coming from various sources and models. We also need it to auto-update. Equals gives us that all in one place, makes sharing data with the team easy, and is super easy to set up and iterate on.”

Alex Bargmann
CEO at Pathpoint

The only spreadsheet with
built-in connections to any database, versioning, and collaboration.