Komi gets real-time visibility with Equals

What we were looking for and found in Equals was a way to combine all of our data in one place that was virtually zero effort to set up, and that had the added advantage of being in a spreadsheet format that everyone found really easy to work with and understand.


Bruno Haag

VP of Product, Komi

Discovering the opportunity

Komi is on a mission to empower every creator to maximize their commercial potential by helping them bring together their content, commerce, and fan interactions in one online hub.

On the heels of remarkable growth in Komi’s business came a new challenge. Scaling up meant more stakeholders, more eyes on the data, and a greater need for clear visibility into the health of the business. At the same time, Komi’s data was scattered across multiple platforms and tools, meaning that accessing critical business metrics required hours of manual reconciliation.

“The overhead required to provide even the most basic insights to the team was completely untenable,” says Bruno, VP of Product.

Komi stood at a crossroads: Either invest heavily in building their own data infrastructure at a critical point in the company’s trajectory, or look for an external solution.

With Equals, Komi found an answer.

Implementing changes

“There aren’t any other tools that can connect to every type of datasource a business needs,” explains Bruno. “No one allows you to bring together your event data with your databases with Stripe in one single space. That was the clincher for me.”

Within weeks, the Komi team was able to leverage Equals’ point-and-click interface to quickly consolidate all their datasources — including a Postgres database, Segment, Hubspot, Xero, Stripe, and Google Analytics — through a single platform.

And they did it all without any engineering support.

As Bruno attests, “What we found in Equals was a way to combine all our data into one place that was virtually zero effort to set up. It would have taken a few engineers, 6 months, and over six figures to build something similar.”

The Komi team worked directly with Equals support to build and automate their most critical dashboards on top of these integrated datasources. “Equals support is one of the major reasons I keep recommending Equals,” says Bruno. “It really is best in class!”

Within weeks, the Komi team unlocked end-to-end visibility over their business for the first time:

- Master KPI dashboard: A centralized dashboard tracks revenue metrics and KPIs by product, to inform leadership and Board meetings

- Funnel conversion: The product team maintains funnel views with live data from Postgres, Segment, and Hubspot to inform growth optimization

- Campaign performance: The marketing team manages against marketing ROI using data from Google Ads and Google Analytics

Unlocking growth

Now, manually compiling, updating and distributing reports are a thing of the past. With fresh Equals reports delivered daily, leadership meetings are focused on debating decisions rather than data reliability. Within the team, ICs are free from manual reporting tasks — saving over 60 working days a year that can now be refocused on proactive insights.

“The manual work of reporting has gone down to virtually zero because everything is automated,” attests product manager Andrew. “When you have a tool that just works, it’s a much more effective use of that time because we’re able to focus on understanding our users and making better decisions."

Now with direct access to real-time data, the team is accelerating its feedback loop to respond more quickly to new information. For example, growth experiments are monitored daily to gauge their impact and inform new hypotheses. To mitigate churn, the team is monitoring Stripe transactions within Equals to proactively flag failed payments.

As Bruno attests, "Equals has been a game-changer for us. It's not just about getting access to the data; it's about our ability to now use that data to drive our business forward.”

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